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45 Days 20+ hrs Live Class

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2. Salary Experienced

INR 8 to 25+ LPA

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Opportunity in this field is extensive, spanning various sectors. Data science experts are sought-after for their skills in extracting valuable insights from data, benefiting industries like finance, healthcare, tech, and more.

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You can get placement and job alerts for two months after successfully completing the course, along with access to all placement-related resources and career guidance to support your future endeavors

1. Salary Fresher

INR 5 to 8+ LPA

Course Content

Introduction to Data Science

Big Data Concepts

Fundamentals of Statistics for Data Science

Data Preprocessing and Feature
Machine Learning concepts

Data Science in Python

Data Visualization

Live Projects

Credit Card Fraud Detection

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2 Real Time Projects

1-1 Live Classes

Live Doubt Support
Source Code With Documentation

Mock Test on Projects

Projects Completion Certificate
In this era of digital transactions, the question arises: "How many online frauds occur at this moment?" To combat this, we propose a data-driven solution. By employing machine learning algorithms, we analyze transaction data in real-time, identifying aberrant spending patterns to promptly alert users and financial institutions, mitigating the risk of credit card fraud.
Recommendation System
Create a sophisticated recommendation system using collaborative filtering and machine learning techniques to analyze users' past interactions and preferences. This system will offer personalized movie, book, or product recommendations, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

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Project completion certificate

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